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Our story

Quiet Giant Coffee is a family business based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


For us, coffee is a lifelong adventure. Through years of exploration, we've gotten to know coffees from every corner. We've tested nearly every brew method there is, and we're always playing with new roast styles and beans.


We encourage you to explore with your coffee as well, and we won’t tell you how to drink it. We know you'll like our roasts—and we hope you make them your own.


Our values

Consistency: We're here to make good coffee—always. 

Sustainability: Our bean producers value people and the planet. 

Levity: We're here to play, learn, and make a little magic. 


We'll help you find your favorite coffee, but we'll never tell you how to drink it. 


Our mission

To make good coffee for people who care, bringing a little enchantment to the everyday. 

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